Funny Motivational Speaker, Entertaining Humorist - Bob Gray

/ 4 years ago /

Making Memorable Connections.

Chris Rock, First Lady & Obama Kids: A Humorist's Take

/ 3 years ago /

Dec. 1 (Bloomberg) -- The president of the Harvard Lampoon tries to imagine how a social media person told Michelle Obama to dance with a turnip, and other ...


/ 4 days ago /

Meagan Johnson | Bright, Funny, & Delightfully Obnoxious Generational Humorist

/ 4 years ago /

http://www.crownspeakers.com/meagan-johnson/ For more information on Meagan Johnson please contact Crown Speakers Bureau at 1.877.8-TALENT ...

Gevo humorist Vacho papi

/ 8 months ago /

Dr. Brad Nieder: The Healthy Humorist

/ 6 years ago /

http://www.eaglestalent.com/Brad-Nieder -Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau presents Dr. Brad Nieder. To book comedian Dr. Brad Nieder, visit his speaker profile ...

Bjørn Kleiven - humorist

/ 4 years ago /

Bjørn Kleiven er humorist og lager sine egne personer. Alle bor i Kvakne, et sted som eksisterer inne i hode til Bjørn. Nå satser han på egne innslag på TVØst, ...

RadioPlus presents Alain Narainsamy (Humorist)

/ 6 years ago /

RadioPlus presents Alain Narainsamy (Humorist) for Kermesse of Civil Servants Show at Gymkhana. Vacoas on 30/10/2011.

Toastmasters International-Humorist Role

/ 1 year ago /

Humorist is a very important role in a general Toastmasters meeting. Here TM Dilshan Jayawardhana share one of his own life experience by playing the role ...

Loretta LaRoche: Emmy-Winning Humorist, Stress Management Expert and Keynote Speaker

/ 5 years ago /

Loretta LaRoche is a world-renowned expert in the field of stress management. She serves as an adjunct faculty member at the Mind/Body Medical Institute of ...

Irwin Barker - Corporate Comedian and Humorist

/ 8 years ago /

Irwin Barker is one of Canada's top stand-up comedians and comedy writers with a clean and clever comedy style crafted from years of experience in festivals, ...

Humorist Sašek

/ 6 years ago /

Humoristična točka je bila izvedena (3.12.2011) na koncertu "Večer s Šaljivci" v dvorani OŠ Limbuš, na koncertu, ki je imel humanitarno noto, zbrana sredstva so ...

Confessions of a Climate Change Humorist: Jim Poyser at TEDxIndianapolis

/ 4 years ago /

Jim Poyser explores the topic of climate change and how a light touch to talking about the topic is paramount, as humor is an essential tool in educating.

Humorist Mark Russell Takes on Political and Corporate Corruption

/ 5 years ago /

Mark Russell offers his satirical take on everything from the BP Oil crisis to Obama's presidency.

Humorist Hayes

/ 3 years ago /

Badgers forward Nigel Hayes brought a sense of humor to the NCAA tournament and developed a friendship with the site stenographer Subscribe to WISN on ...


/ 8 years ago /

Only decided to do this video this evening. My first conversion of OO loco into another identity. Music By Kevin Macleod.

Connie Podesta: Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Sales, Leadership and Behavioral Change Specialist

/ 6 years ago /

Connie Podesta is an award-winning motivational speaker, author, organizational therapist, TV/Radio personality, business coach and leading expert in the ...


/ 4 years ago /

SP.BRNIK 2013.

Transcendental Humorist

/ 5 years ago /

Humor is an Integral Part of the Relationship | Transcendental Humorist | I Can See Your Lord is Krishna.